julian hibbard

hibbard is an english photographer based in nyc + his first book, "the noir a-z", a visual alphabet to accompany dominant terms from the noir universe, was published in 2009 + a second title - "schematics: a love story" a visual meditation on love, loss, time and memory, was released in 2011

I learnt to tie my shoes
I learnt to ride my bike
I learnt to smoke
I learnt the vulnerability of fully exposing an idea
I learnt to tie my shoes
I learnt to adapt my behavior in the light of others' actions.
I learnt the difficulty of sustaining the hopes of youth.

I remember a French girl with an English name.
'Leave me now, return tonight,' she told me every morning, and I did.

I remember an English girl with an French name.
We were the circle that no one could break, or so I thought.

All one.

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