brian kim stefans

an american poet best known for his work in digital poetry + he has published several books of poetry including "free space comix", "gulf", "angry penguins" or "fashionable noise: on digital poetics as a collection of essays, poetry and interviews" + he is the editor of the series of e-books at ubu and the creator of arras, devoted to new media poetics +


olafur eliasson

"your house" is a limited-edition artist's book with a laser-cut negative impression of his house in copenhagen, denmark + each of the 454 pages is individually cut and corresponds to 2,2 cm of the actual house + as readers leaf through the pages, they slowly make their way through the rooms of the house from front to back, thus constructing a mental and physical narrative +

chris funkhouser

being aware of jim andrews’ "dbcinema" he adapted it to thematics and aesthetics of  his dbcinema performance + the epicycloid geometry feature presents moving text/image in a circular pattern on the screen, which works in conjunction with the horizontal and vertical orientation of the text presented in the animations + during the show, the two animations are simultaneously projected as a montage, accompanied by a reading of poems +