brian kim stefans

an american poet best known for his work in digital poetry + he has published several books of poetry including "free space comix", "gulf", "angry penguins" or "fashionable noise: on digital poetics as a collection of essays, poetry and interviews" + he is the editor of the series of e-books at ubu and the creator of arras, devoted to new media poetics +


olafur eliasson

"your house" is a limited-edition artist's book with a laser-cut negative impression of his house in copenhagen, denmark + each of the 454 pages is individually cut and corresponds to 2,2 cm of the actual house + as readers leaf through the pages, they slowly make their way through the rooms of the house from front to back, thus constructing a mental and physical narrative +

chris funkhouser

being aware of jim andrews’ "dbcinema" he adapted it to thematics and aesthetics of  his dbcinema performance + the epicycloid geometry feature presents moving text/image in a circular pattern on the screen, which works in conjunction with the horizontal and vertical orientation of the text presented in the animations + during the show, the two animations are simultaneously projected as a montage, accompanied by a reading of poems +

ann coulter

her series of visual poems use an artistic writerly method developed by t. philips for his famous artist book "a humument" + it's a simple word game, where writer takes a text and erase everything except a few words forming random phrases the author never intended + coulter’s work is characteristic for her conservative insensibility + see also "ann coulter: human document" by w. poundstone +

andy campbell / mez breeze

this narrative game-like poem "the dead tower" is arranged on a virtual world + the reader’s attention is drawn towards the white words float in the air, static or rotating + navigation takes a moment of adjustment, as reader explores an interface similar to first person shooters (phantom sensations) and he gets the hang of the physics of the place +

andy campbell

he is a web developer, writer and multimedia artis, member of "one to one development trust" + he is the founder and lead author of "dreaming methods" - a showcase for powerful, atmospheric digital fiction + this poem is structured around a cluster of dots that were “spawned” inside the glass jar + they respond to the reader’s mouse movement, rotating to make different ones available to be selected, triggering bursts of mutated yet readable language +

jody zellen

she works in many media simultaneously but also she employs media-generated representations of contemporary and historic cities as raw material for aesthetic and social investigations + "spine sonnet (commissioned by lacma) is a website that randomly juxtaposes 14 books from my library each time the page is refreshed to create a sonnet + the website is turned into an iphone app +

roberto de vicq

roberto de vicq de cumptich he is currently principal at his own design firm in nyc specializing in publications and design and branding + he speaks frequently on typography and design + he is also the author of several books featuring his own work + his "typecalendar" uses type to depicts the day’s events in history +

jeremy douglass

his current projects explore the poetry of context free grammars, folders, passwords, and tag clouds + "gamer textually" is a code artwork that generates visualizations and animations out of the text of the book "gamer theory" by mcKenzie wark + in the code, words become objects in a fractal space + how might a computer read wark's theory? + the answer takes the form of procedures or unit operations such as alphabetizing, ordering or coloring words by frequency of occurrence +


k.s. ernst

she works in digital and mixed media visual poetry + she is interested in words and letters as symbols — their basic symbolic make-up as well as their representational use + ernst lives in new jersey and travels to perform visual and sound poetry with "the be blank consort" + this is the preview of her 3d stand-alone ceramic and wooden poems


sally rodgers / steve jones

their collaboration includes many licensed works and their releases, under the artist name "a man called adam + their academic interests combine their twin passions, electroacoustic music and poetics + they are experimenting with a concept using installation technology, which they describe as "talking with spaces" + improvising with the sounds of the space they’re in, and generating new sound, from recitation to the hidden sounds of obsolete technologies, they use real-time processing to create unique, audible discourses +

sam winston

his methods of production are certainly of our time: statistics, data collection and analysis, computer programming + he is dependent on craft as well: drawing, doodling, cutting and folding + concepts are revealed and emerge through his interrogation, until they are utterly logical and clear + a data poetry of the 21st century


eno henze

lives and works in berlin + he often uses laser drawing on photo paper while working + this seems to be another form or approach of thinking when generating the "baroque" shapes running out of his mind and surrounding materia +