anthony mattox

after playing with letters in illustrator for a while, he thought it would be a good idea to throw some letters in processing + some of them used his particle system with a perlin noise flow field as in some of his other projects + each characters’ mass is based on its size, but one character is also a little lighter than the other making them separate slightly as they are pushed by various forces +

tyler askew

a graphic designer & art director from nyc + his work includes identity design, packaging, editorial, typography, and creative direction for the music, fashion, advertising, and non-profit worlds + he has been featured in numerous publications over the years including "creative review", "arkitip", and "esquire japan" + grown in opposition to urban 'noise' created through advertising mediums od today "stereo.type: a typographic ballet" explodes the written word +


crag hill

hill’s work is based on diversity in unity, unity in diversity + "what’s it made of: primordial stew + tomorrow’s neural nets + conscious bacteria + flaming future alphabets?" + refusing to follow any fad or fashion, bending his materials to his own end + digivis poems (2005-10) +